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Film Club

Come along to the Film Club.
We will attend matinee showings of films at Rosehill Theatre.
After the film we can discuss it over ‘’Coffee & Cake’’ served in the bar afterwards.
Tickets should be bought directly from Rosehill either at the Box Office or online.
Film including discussion with ‘’Coffee & Cake’’ costs £9

NB: It is worth applying for a Rosehill card which gives 10% discount for most events and can also be used in the bar. To use this card tickets need to be purchased at the Box Office

Normally films are shown at Rosehill on a Thursday afternoon at 2pm.
Sometimes if they have another event in the Theatre on a Thursday, they show the film on a Friday or another afternoon.

FRIDAY 2nd February 2pm ‘’MAESTRO’’ (15) 2hr 9min
Follow Leonard Bernstein throughout his relationship and marriage to the actress, from when the pair met at a party in 1946, up until her death following a struggle with lung cancer in 1978.
On the verge of securing a golden opportunity, Bernstein begins a tumultuous relationship with actress Felicia Montealegre, upturning their lives.

FRIDAY 1st March 2pm ‘’PRISCILLA’’ (15) 1hr 53min
When teenager Priscilla Beaulieu meets Elvis Presley at a party, the man who's already a meteoric rock 'n' roll superstar becomes someone entirely unexpected in private moments: a thrilling crush, an ally in loneliness, and a gentle best friend.

THURSDAY 25th April 2pm ‘’BOB MARLEY: ONE LOVE’’ (12a) 1hr 44min
A look at the life of legendary reggae musician Bob Marley.
Based on the life of reggae singer and songwriter Bob Marley, from his rise to fame with his band The Wailers' and further solo career, up until his death in the early 1980s.

THURSDAY 9th May 2pm ‘’ WICKED LITTLE LETTERS’’. (15). 1hr 40min
When people in Littlehampton--including conservative local Edith--begin to receive letters full of hilarious profanities, rowdy Irish migrant Rose is charged with the crime.
Suspecting that something is amiss, the town's women investigate.

If you have any queries please see Lyn Baker at a U3A meeting