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SUMMER LUNCH MENU - Wednesday 19th June HUNDITH HILL HOTEL 12 for 12.30pm
LUNCH MENU. £28 per person (including tea or coffee) plus £1 tip Soup Freshly prepared vegetable Prawn Plate Fresh prawns on green leaves with Marie Rose sauce Melon Fanned honeydew melon with fresh fruit and coulis ****** Beef Roast topside of Cumberland beef with Yorkshire Pudding and roast pan gravy Pork Pan fried pork...  more

Philip Caine "From Barrow to Baghdad and back again" 15th November 23
‘FROM BARROW TO BAGHDAD AND BACK AGAIN’ Philip Caine​​ - November 15th 2023 Philip Caine gave us a highly entertaining whistle-stop tour of his amazing career, which took him from Barrow in Furness to Baghdad and back again, via London, Paris, Aberdeen, the North Sea oil fields, Algeria, Nigeria,...  more

Mike Smith " Drovers Routes through Cumbria" 4th October 23
Mike Smith told us about the history of drovers passing from Scotland through Cumbria to the more populous areas of the south over a period of almost 300 years. Political and social changes in Scotland meant a move from the less profitable sheep farming to the raising and selling of...  more

Ian Gee "Wings over Windermere" 20th September 23
Ian Gee has been closely involved with the ‘Wings over Windermere’ project for many years. The Windermere ‘Waterbird’ is a faithful replica of the original hydro-aeroplane created by Edward Wakefield in 1911, only eight years after the Wright brothers made the world’s first successful engine-powered flight. Wakefield’s innovative...  more

Ros Downing ‘’Four inventors of computers and internet’’ 28th June 23
FOUR PEOPLE IMPORTANT IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMPUTERS AND THE INTERNET- ADA, TOMMY, GEOFFREY AND TIM Ros Downing Ros, who worked in the IT industry for many years, gave an extremely surprising and entertaining potted history of IT development since the nineteenth century. Ros began with a description of how Ada Lovelace, often...  more

Gillian Johnston ‘’Mid Copeland GDF Community Partnership’’ 14th June 23
THE MID COPELAND GEOLOGICAL DISPOSAL FACILITY Sue Shepherd & Rob Ward The GDF Nuclear Partnership is a government initiative to identify possible locations which would provide storage for the UK’s most hazardous nuclear waste: both of the local district councils which comprise Cumberland Council expressed an interest in hosting the waste, 80%...  more

Dr Butler ‘’ History of Safety in Transport’’ 19th April 23
How safe is transport in the UK. Drawing from his extensive experience of patching up people injured in collisions on the road, and his continuing interest in motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes, Dr. Butler kept us well entertained with his illustrated talk. Explaining that road collisions are almost...  more

Rachel Oakley ‘’Wild Ennerdale’’ 22nd March 23
An update on the Rewilding of Ennerdale. Despite being involved with Wild Ennerdale for over 25 years, Rachel spends most of her time away from the valley, working with the four agencies which control most of the area – United Utilities, Forestry England, the National Trust and Natural England. They are...  more

Robin Rigg Community Fund Grant
Following our successful application to Robin Rigg Community Fund we received a grant of £2563.94 to allow us to purchase new audio, visual and IT equipment for our U3A group. All the equipment, which is very user friendly, is available for any of our Interest Groups to use, and is already...  more

In search of Robert Burns video presentation 25th January 23
To celebrate Burn’s night we enjoyed a video "In Search of Robert Burns" narrated by David Hayman Our guide to the life and character of Robert Burns was the actor David Hayman, whose documentary was shown to the group, accompanied by Kevan’s electronic bagpipe music. We learned about Burns’ success as...  more

Mike Fossey ‘’ Michelangelo & the Sistine Chapel’’ 11th January 23
Mike’s illustrated talk on Michaelangelo’s famous Sistine Chapel frescoes – of which the ceiling is only part of the story – was a chance to examine the glorious colours and imagery which has been hidden beneath layers of dirt and soot for centuries. Mike touched on Michelangelo’s stormy relationship with...  more

NEWSLETTER ‘’January to Easter 23’’
THE WEST CUMBRIA U3A Newsletter January – April 2023 Registered Charity Number: 1079934 Dear Members, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. I hope you have had a lovely Christmas although I know many people have been suffering from the very unpleasant...  more