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Janice Murray & Anne Timpson "Handpicked Prouctions" 2nd Mar 22

Ann Timpson and Janice Murray gave an informative and inspirational talk on the company they have created, with two others “Handpicked Productions”.

Their motto “We believe in the power of art to change lives”, this involves primary children through to adulthood.
Both ladies talked of projects they have completed and different things they are going to partake in. The importance of going into schools to allow children to develop creative skills, thus enabling them to develop emotionally as well as creatively. Art is an essential subject to enjoy. Nowadays school curriculum is very limited in Art to these ladies are providing valuable time for children to explore art through different clubs and running workshops alongside schools for this purpose.

The second year of developing their company covid hit and lots of cancellations had to be made. Janice was furloughed. Although this happened the ladies have completed 95% of their workload which is quite remarkable.

In 2019, an outdoor event for families and children was successfully funded and family picnics including circus performers, musicians, a small amphitheatre and kite making proving to be a real success.

Howgill family centre closed the Art department in 2016 and moved to Rosehill with Ann. The Start Project, a children funded art Foundation was created working with schools engaging with Rosehill. They worked on a production The Promise performing elements of the production.

The ladies are in consultation with Copeland for two further creations. ART GYM – where parents or guardians can pay for art for their children and SUM ART TO DO – this is a one day youth festival.

Through the National Heritage Lottery Fund an exhibition in the Beacon Whitehaven, is all about Sekers factory at Hensingsham, which eventually moved to Dundee, havind opened in 1938 by an Hungarian. Janice spent some of her early career working at sekers as did her parents and grandparents, often seen in creations made from remnants of material and curtains from the factory.