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Natalie Burns "Adventures in Poetry" 20th October 21

A self taught poet and artist. Natalie had a love of poetry from childhood. She has fond memories of her father reciting poems to her including The King’s Breakfast. Natalie is a former teacher, however nowadays she has her own business (from 2010) doing workshops for schools with children of all ages. Well read and educated it was a delight to listen to her stories and different poems children had written over the years.
Aside from poetry, Natalie has taken up painting on a more serious level, going around in her van, painting landscapes wildlife and anything of interest. A project with schools, prompted her to do this. A really enjoyable afternoon and very inspiring listening to her stories. Poignantly Natalie finished the afternoon, with a poem she has written “I remember, I remember”, from the last eighteen months about the covid pandemic, as she stated “It isn’t over yet. Thanks Natalie, we hope to see you again soon.